Sunday, April 3, 2011

13 Bedar- el Dia de los Diablos, gettin rid of the 13th

Bismi Ta3alla

So sho a5barakom! Y'aLL!!

Wuz GOod!?!??

ToDaY iZz Da DaY Of tHe 13 BedAr....

13 days after the Persian New year (3id Nowruz) , it is a day u wanna spend outside out doors do pick nick. is a day were u go an smoke shisha outside an make kababs on BBQ .. yup

the reason being this day is the day u don wanna be at home as sheiTan and Jinnz Autho Billah triez anD tO EnTeR YouR CribZz anD is Cr8Zy...

how annoying Izz iT wHeN i tYpE Lik3 ThiZ ?!??! !?@!?? loooooooooooool i hate it lol i donno why am doin it , is also annoyin for me too.. but this is wat stress bordsome and depression brings, makes yu to try new thingZz in uR LiFe mAyBEe Yuo F33L B3tt3r ;p loooooooool


make BBQ and Shish Kabab an ShishA and Halwa (Persian Style) and Chai ba na3na3 (Persian tea with Mint)

in the Persian Mythology this is the day we take the "Sabzeh" the green grass growin thing dat we grow a month or a week befor 3id Nowruz

looks like this


yaaa we go to the Ocean an stuff and outdoors spend dat day outdoors u kno...

we tie knots an make wishes an do3az (prayers) and ask Allah SWT to help us guard us from evil. and take shai6an away/ the reason we make knots we wish that the wish come true insha'Allah... till nxt yr

u see Persians spend da  day outside.. we do things like BBQ shish kabab make 7alwa etc etc

many many ppl go out.// all places around iran Greater iran ( Persia ) celebrates this day and 3id Nowruz ... is jus imbeded in... cant get rid of it... is our culture.. so deep pure... so strong..

i love the color of green is PEACE//

Green White Red nice.. Reppin' ma falg yall

las pic is very beautiful

mmmm sooo yummy... now notice the naan .. she khorma..(dates). the paneer.. (cheese)

saffron puddin mmmm yellow persian sweet dish

yaaaa chk out da 9u6riii :) make PErsian tea ^_^

Te7ran , Iran .

yaaa smokin Sheeshaaaa Ghalion :D mmm tam3 3nab ^_^ me love long time/////

ourdoors is bomb!!!

omg miss this sooo much!!!

chk out ere body on the Sofreh yee ye yeee an all da ladies with chador :P

* LILILILIIIIIII lili liiiiii lili li li liiiiieeee lol (Persian/3rab sounds we make wen we are happy dancin celebratin etc lol *

yup this is how we ROLLL jajaja

yes jaja is haha in Spanish jus so u kno

but ya we put Sabzeh on our car leave the house an let it drop by itself....

that way the evil gets released.

the reason we grow the green grass in our house a week or month befor 3id is we do it so durin the Persian new yr 3id it is ready for Sofreh brings peace and all and then wen 13 days pass and the Sabzeh has been sittin in our house... it catches all the evil like the all get atracted to it... and i kno supersticous stuff lol it dont sound so supersticious wen we do it tho looooool we jus do it ahahahaha

anyways an then on the 13 day wich we concider the number 13 to be bala (bala means a bad thing that can happen kinda like bad luck lol ... i kno i kno u r sayin it totally contradicts like the whole islam deen ... but damn the persian culture sooo imbeded in the culture an deen an religous all together one big SUPER BOWEL hahaha anwyays ***

this way wen u leave the house on the 13 Bedar (13 day after nowruz (Persian new yr 3id) u will take it wif u an release it .. be it in the car when it falls off... if it dont fall off an u reached ur destination (ur destination should be quite far an outdoor like um.. by ocean sa7el and like with trees green grass so u can tie nots this way is safe)

anyways  if ur Sabzeh has not fall off... then u will drop in ocean let water take it away.. drift away all evil an bad energy///

yalla am out

ima tell one thing to yall tho

omg on sunday i typed this out

i had writen such a cool paragraph

but then it deleted it stupid blogger by its own >_<

i was sooooo mad an a lil busy cuz we movin again

that i did NOT feel as to sign in come bak an re type it

plus i don memva half the thing i said anyways

so i am in calm relax mode

i typed it out again

to inform u jus a lil' on 13 bedar

hope u have nice dayy



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