Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bruno Mars painting: my drawin begins here

Bismi Ta3alla

welcome jami3ah

only u kno he da man who b doin da Ol' School Stylin' an still lookin fly in it.

i jus wanted to let y'all kno since am goin full on VIP with the Bruno Mars concert, cuz yes i can afford it :D

i deserve it, i worked an saved ma dough holla!!

anywhoo i am doin up a paintin for him

these is jus me practining "tamrin" in 10 min fi al shoghl (ma7al al 3mal ) lol

see i had to do the thing  wif ma signiture an kiss him wif a hot pink 5leeji style (Persian Gulf Style) hot pink lipstick lol and kiss him and put "Persia's Property" so y'all knows its my drawin and he's also mine lol.

hahaha awsome

anyways wat i am planin on actualy paintin for him is something like the above pic u see..

i wanna do him in 4 diff colorz
like this>>>>>>>

<<<<<<< u see i will do it and jewel it up wif ma famous signiture mode, and ill also make a copy of it for him an kiss it :) an frame it an give it to him :D

Ps got a big canvas gonna do it up in 4 :D

i love da MAN soooo much :D

too much too much

it is a dream to meet him and i cant wait

is in wondaland as he says hahaha


tel me wat u thank


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