Friday, April 1, 2011

The Perfect Man

bismi Ta3alla

well well well Assalamou 3leichom all

kifakom? insha'Allah be5eir i kno iv been gone long time lol

but am back a lil. jus a lil tho muahhahaa

could u picture a perfect guy? i kno it doesnt exist

anyways for me this 1/2 Boricua and 1/2 Filipino Hawaian kid, is one of the closest to perfect, if he exists in a real man lol

he is so romantic so nice

seems so careing

i wouldnt mind if he was muslim (or converted) and i married him as  one of his wives :D

man whoever marries him is soooo lucky

wish i could marry a Boricua an live in PR for good

perfect life for me is the Island Life i come from a tiny lil' Island in the Persian Gulf, i'v lived in Islands most my life... now could u imagine...



i cant stay long i gotta bounce

so but i wanted to give ma 2 scents i dig this kids


wish him all the best in life

y'all wish me all the best and make tons a Do3a for me so my dream comes true as well..
May Allah grant all of our wishes



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