Friday, April 8, 2011

Jlo. Pitbull -Get on the floor Parody

bismi Ta3alla

salam all

had to share this funny vid wif y'all haha

i love an apriciate artists but i also love parodies too since mad tv n SNL always do funny stuff

anyways here is the parody of J.Lo and pitbulls get on the floor vid,

but first ill post the regular one , jus in case yall havent seen the actual vid yet hahah

so ya the vid is bomb i  love it but heres the funny one u'll love it

i love her Gangsta Thug look in the begining of the video but i sure aint as hell diggin' the damn comercials soooo retartded slash dumb so much promosional stuff now adays in damn music videos is like a 1 min video an there is 10 comericals in it

this reminds me : actually the worse comercialized music  video is the new britney spears video ill do another post it on hahaa

ps hav y'all noticed how thick they made her eyeborwns look?  ya is cuz the new kim kardashian look is in style an since kim kardashian is been out she has made Persians even more popular an in demand in LA hahaa na Hollywood an USA hahaa

therefore erebody try n look like her get that authentic Persian look ahahaha

here we go again :D Persian Pride..

i kno wat u sayin ... so damn Proud

haha eso eh la velda k somo bn orgullosos

ye ye is the truth we so damn stubborn and Proud lol

we even hav a Persian Pride throw up Gang sign

Thumbs up for Persian Mafia

u kno how weeeeedooooo

this how we rollz yo

str8 up diggity lol

bak on da block

jenny is bak on da block
but yoooo she look sooo dayummm good for havin 2 twin kids in dat belly yo haha

she still fly

an always will b :D

here we goo jajaja

DALEEEEE!!! como dice el pitbull

Don't u EVA interrupt him wen he is Dale'ing loooooooooooooooooool

i love how the pitbull guy actually looks like him an sounds like him too looooooooooooool

lol @ "pit stink" wen erebody put they hands up loooooooool

and "all the douchbags in the line up jajaja"

thumbs up for " J.LOOO! Que PASOOO!??? " lololol

am out y'all peaceeee



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