Friday, May 6, 2011

Set #2: Beautiful Ni9ab Fashion in my Opinion.

Bismillahe AL-Ra7mani Al-Ra7eem

AsSalamon 3lykom Wa Ra7matullahe Wa Barakatu

i kno i come and go and disapear at times... the ones who are like daily checkin my blog

well as u may all already know i have heart condition now is affecting my blood circulation which makes me super fatigue in pain, tha3eef, weak, u kno... very much in pain wich results me in bed .//// now typin this lol

anyways wanted to give ma 2 cents an post some fun ones and ones i think is nice :D  in my opinion all is nice but some i wouldnt wear... either is not in my tribe or for older ladies or something or ... just not my style :D das all... their beautiful in their own unique way yaaaaaaaaaaaaay

like i wouldnt personaly wear a white ni9ab jus not me... ghost ya3ni for me mosawiyya Rou7 5555 (inside joke ) for yall who get it neway lolzz

beautiful eye make up huh n nice tattooed perfect eyebrowns LD

now das called Ra3as-3bayya ya3ni a head to toe covered chador lookin fully modest hijab

i think this is a cute one (^_^) n shes cute masha'Allah

OOOoooooOOOh i love this one :D these are kinda my style wat i wear an stuff n my kurdish tribes from mama side wears :D

again white lookes masha"allah nice on her but i wouldnt wear it :D

i think she is sooo cute in her white hijab only thing i dont dig is the extra white piece below her ni9ab jus hangin .. id do someting bout it  personaly but again das ma opinion plz dont ma opinion to da 8alb :P
 masha'Allah shes cute tho


i love this one>>>>

she has the cutest lil eyes eva soo adorable masha'Allah .. i kno dude!! i have to say it cuz i don wana 3in nobody!

me (*heart*) camels me Love Camelz me LOB camels me <3 camels

i like this style too... like shayla ova top ba7raini 96ri 5leeji anyways

i wouldnt wear this.. a kurd does tho.. an some Bedouinz

yalla am out ma3assalamaaa

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