Sunday, May 22, 2011

un-blogger lol

Bismi Ta3alla

SaLam YaY..!!!

Hi @ ALL. :D


There is a lil' problem wif me...

u see am a lil... aaaa i forgot wat prob was.. lol

see if the world was perfect ... i wouldnt be in it... my Teddy Bear would be in it tho.

so anyways why da hell did i brought this up??

well i like pink

no i love pink

ok well ill u one thing an i think is close to wat i wanted to say ahahaha


i am sooo damn picky ppl think... like oh no.. she is jus da way she iz... no if i don find the right sa7ee7 thing if am not at the sa7i7 makan i will not be satisfied an ... ofcorse i wont do wat i was gonna and i will strive for best id rather sleep empty stomach than hav a nasty food... does dat make sence? id rather hav nothing dan hav a bad rather die alone than marry a loser...u see wer ma point is comin from?? am a CAPPI an das how we ROLL! we like real thangz... not fakes... am sorry .. if its fake... it ain't real and it ain't worth ma time nor is it worth it... so it ain't worth it///

wat da heLL?

i was so excited to make a blog and now is like i don hav time for some reason i make maself busy so i don blog? dat makes no sence... i used to couldnt wait till i made one looooool

an now i hav one.. an how often do i use it?>? like mayb once a week??? i use blog 3x a day lol wen i 1st got it loooool

well i blame ma hear problem too and blood circulation prob dat iz like makes me super fatigue also... so makes me weak an tired an always in bed

i cant seem to get ma mind set right nuff to use ma new lap top dat i used to be so super excited dat i got it :( ... so awkward...

i use to be super excited about travel... an now i dont care...

i do care bout one ting no more dan one.. i jus cant express ma feeling as i use to... i use to be sooo energetic now am all in bed... wat the hell happen to me l.ol bas al7mdullah

i do comb ma hair.. but is like thin an fallin cuz ma blood circulation messed up...

ma sis moved bak home.. an now she is takin care a me.. she dont travel world for a while no mo...

she says she here to take care a me

thank God. al7mdullah

i hav a cool sis like dat honestly... how awsome is dat???

al7mdulillah al7mdulillah al7mdulillah

"cuz is a beautifuuuuuuuuuuuL night we lookin fo somthin dumb to do " lol bruno mars

am mrs PRUNO MARS lol in 3rabic accent  lol al lahjah al 3rabiyyah :P


hahaha 2 weeks not next week but week afta is concert of mr Bruno Mars <<<<< front row centre stage V.I.B. :P dat VIP in 3rabi loooool :P

man i love her look how classy she is... so hot.. so nice i absolulty adore her... so cute.. oh man why aint they dating??? so perfect for each other ... hes adorable sexy an romantic an so is she,.. he is talented an so is she... man ... lets see ho0w it goes. am seeing her also am excited :P


so anyways me being random... posting a blog

am totaly upsessed lol "obsessed" wit son-ting lol spanish accent ... jajajajaaj anyways i cant tell u wat.. but anyways it makes me feel wonderful :D

have  a nice night peeps/// :D nice strange lunch and nice birthday and nice DAY for wereva da oposite point u iz in ma world... our world... Allah's SWT world.

got the new updated app of iQur'an ... hmm i gotta upload every single surah again later :{ will do tonight :D


gtg life is runnin out jajaja

ciao all



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