Saturday, May 7, 2011

how i feel today

Miss sixty boot
$169 -

Rettore topaz jewelry
$2,605 -

Nordstrom jewelry
$258 -

Terracotta Kòhl Kajal Intense Indian Kohl
21 GBP -

well Bismillahe Al-Ra7man Al-Ra7eem

always start everything and even your day your blog your sentece with a Bismillah and u will moz def feel betta if u wasnt already and then say al7mdulla :)

anyways this is how i feel today... like that outfit :D

so had to share it wit yall

polyvore is def a real fun thing to do but sometimes times consuming

u always wanna do betta n betta n then u give up lol cuz u see a million other girls an even some men doing it betta than ur millionth try lol musha'Allah lol

anywhoo i aint a quitter i b keep tryin' :D

take care y'all



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