Friday, May 6, 2011

Set #3: Beautiful Ni9ab Fashion in my Opinion.


Salamon 3lykum

som Omani and Bedouin ni9abz niqabs ni8abs :) bur9a3z an all

real fun collection love it

more me style wif tons jewells and jawaherat and colorfull more me hehehe

i had a nice foto earlier but mr blogger decided to delete it witout ma permission lol (glitch) anywhoo

enjoy all y'all

ra ra ra

beautiful :) colorz priceless

i love her ko7l in she's 3yunach :) nice masha'Allah cute 3yuni

fun 7enna

oo i love the light eyes nice choice of  shayla an hijab :D

masha'Allah she looks good. a bit lost or deep in thought id might say.. but like the black 3ddi sa3udi/yemeni/masri ni8ab jus tied bak seems a bit tigh on her, i'd get a once size up :D but das jus me :P

YAAAA ALLAAAAH musha'Allaaaah i love this pic-cha!!! a pic says a 100000 wordz yo...

1-wer is she lookin at?

2-wat she thinkin?

3-am diggin da black and whyte ol' school foto shot

4-i wonder wat camera was used

5-wat type a printin

6-nice shayla ova top of her head is like a shemeeeri 7-or kashmeer?

8- was it fotoshopped?

9- what was the purpose of the foto??

10- wat was she thinkin?

11- what was the thoughts an adrelenin rush goin thru her body like... ooo who gona find ma foto an blog about it

12- i wonder if she knew her foto woul become famous an i a random blogger decided to do a split blog about it??

it really did caught my mind...

13- i wonder if she is a decendent of Arabia or Persia

14- i wonder if she's a real muslimah

15- or jus a model posing for a camera

16- i wonder wat the purpose of the foto was.. fashion? public interest? fun? or a politic documenatry?

17- i wonder wat ko7l eye liner was used? traditional or ko7l pencil from Lorea'l or MAC Paris?

18- i wonder if she dress like that everyday?

19- i wonder if she dont miss a single salat insha'Allah

20- i wonder if she is prayin' for all of us muslims :)


the wonders of Persia La LOCA


love this one... so str8 forward natural beauty

and if u dont see it

then das yo own problem

keep walkin ... aint nobody ax ya to stay ya heard? kna mean?? ya dig??? :D

i love this foto/.////./.?>/./././ i love the colors an the designs so balochi :P (Baloch= ya3ni a tribe of Persia)

i love it she so beautiful masha'Allah

too much Bedouini for me :P there is a 7ad for me :P

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