Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Women in Hell: Lives of Women in IRAN :(

Bismillah Al-Ra7mane Al-Ra7eem

ASalamon 3leykom Wa Ra7matullahe Wa Barakatu

i stumbled across this video as i was going thru youtube and it was quite sad and upsetting to watch and see and hear

i wish it had subtitles cuz is all in Farsi

ill try to explaine a lil about what goes on in iran :(

Wallahe 7aram

this is not Islam the way they force and treat women bad and less and no a7amiat to the women is sooooo low ...low as possible 

a women first of all so hard to get a job and go to university so hard 

if she did go uni and got  a  job same job title as a man she gets 100 thousand Riyals a month which is like 100$ a month and the man gets for same job 300$ a month which is 300 thousand Riyalz

the women in the video explains how she would love to get out of iran but she cant thats her dream her wish she says any country is better  like even 3raq cuz at least women have a choice not forced an beaten to do stuff and have a little a7amiat not like in iran

i feel really sad for the women that are being treated unfairly and unrurley and unjusticely this is not wat islam had taught us 

am so glad i was raised not there in Dubai and America an Canada

so anyways she also said that if women was in tasadof an accident and she killed a man she will be e3dam right away ya3ni hung by a rope that lahzah u see and if man rape kill women his wife or even in tasadof on street he will get jail time not e3dam ....

wow das deep/// i cant even imagine 

 to go to Dubai for the women may i say girls honestly cuz there is a company who works thru UAE that provides young Persian girls for the shei5s for a while like they take them have them for like a month give them money an send dem back u see they have requirments like must be under 30 like over 30 not even considered for the shei5s they want young girls 20s is ok but they ask for 14 yrs old or 16 yrs old the younger the better... these girls are like from village some the parents give them to this company cuz they need money so they sell their daughters body .... omg its hard to digest this information so hard for me to take in Wallahe Autho'Billah some these girls turn to hashish and drugs u see to get over themselves :( 

this lady explains how she knows a friend of her who worked for airlines esmi Sanaz , she was workin u kno 100$ month an her boss said if she sleep with him he gives her 100$ for a night....Sub7an Allah...

imagine the families that are in need... thats why alot of women turn to this.... cuz is hard life like in Cuba and Dominican Republic... how young girls from their own mama an papa will be given to white old man tourists for some money... same they do those families in iran give their own daughters to old rich shei5s in Dubai...

anyways must watch video i explained as much as i could wat she explained

fi aman Allah 



peace to middle east 


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  1. Woww, that is so sad! How can their parents just sell them like that?! :(