Friday, July 8, 2011

Van Damme dancing to Persian (5leeji ) khaleegy music ( bandari )


Salam 3leykom to ALL :D

super funny video u will laugh :) especially if ur Persian and 5leeji cuz this is sooo hilarious

must warn really funny stupid video jajaja super funny an how gay he is and he thinks hes not looooooooooooooooool yes yes super funny
aaay juuunooom

dammmeeet garm baba

demet garm

3sho 3shoooooow

hala hala halaaaaa


soooo funny 

this clip is a scene taken out of the movie kickboxer. 
i hate wen ppl do this, they take the embedding off so u cant embed it on ur web page is stupid because it wud give dem more hits... i guess they dont want that... anywhooo click on the click below for some super funny stuff

i wonder: Does he realize how funny and Gay he looks while doing these silly dances jajaja??? omg so immigrant and funny looking hahaha trynna mac two girls @ once super hilarious. he sucks!!! its jus awful and the music makes it even more funnier

i hope u enjoy as much as i and the rest of Persian khaleegy ppl do jajaja

pointin out: "he trynna do da splits?? like oh no u didnt!!! FOOL! yu FOO! loooooool

instructions and Warnings lol: Copy & Paste this address above and open new window or Safari and put it in address bar and click enter and u shall die from laughinnnnnnnnnn jajajaja


am out for now




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