Thursday, July 7, 2011

3badan kurah-footbal song عبادان


Salam 3leykom ALL!

i am gonna infrom u about awsome football team of iran called San@ Naft they are from Abadan wich most best soccer players in iran are from

this team melli ver strong an we have team games in the iran itself

and u see this is theme song of the San3ate Naft

also i wan u guys to see that in Iran we have so much diversity

Persians are very mixed people i want ppl to be inform and know

that wen u meet a Persian Person dont be surprised if they have

for example Portugese or Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish,

Kurdish, Sa3udi, Arab, Greek, French, etc etc background

very common for a Persian to be a mixed person and their first

language not being Farsi as it was for  both cases in my parents

case. my mama actually learned farsi wen she was 20 yrs old.

you see she knew kurdish as main language and had spanish from

from her mama side. so as u can tell it iz very normal Persians we

introduce ourselves as Persians to others but wen we meet

another Persian we always ask whats ur background or u would

know thru their names sometimes like Balochi names quite clear

etc etc or if we are close to the ppl then we can break it down and

let the person know how we became about. we have africans

ethipians, kenyans, nigerians, etc etc that have moved many many

yrs ago to Iran that got mixed and they brought their unique

cultures to the table an now a Persian is a unique blend of

cultures. each town city state tribe qabilah as u kno it has its own

unique way of talking , its own language , own way of doin things,

different styles of cookin and dancing and traditions.

now as a whole us is called Persians. :)

i hope i am explaining maself properly hahahah

so now below u see we've even had Brazilians mixed Persians.

anyway in this little video clip u can view that Persians are not a

single particular color.

we even have chinese afqanis turkamaniz Yemeniz etc etc mixed

sooooooooo u can see that different regions might have a different

majority of that race or color as says like u might find more darker

brown skinned and black african people in the southern parts of

iran and less in the north

cuz north got more mixed with french chinese russians germanz

greeks etc

we even have Yemeni tribes and Bani Asadz an Bani Hashemiz an

any Bani (comes from Yemen) these tribes never got mixed some

of them are pure Yemeni blood in the 5orasan area (Khorasan)

even if they married a Persian they still kept another wive that

had kids thru their tribe an marrying cuzins is ok an common

also to keep the blood pure and still first language at home is

3rabi then farsi is learned at school along side arabic and french.

anyways this vid is really fun :)

plz watch an enjoy

proud to be Persian (*^_^*)

PS i love the little Persian girl dancing with are are 3shwa sooo

cute masha'Allah

wallahe she sooo much trouble wen she grow up an since this vid

is kinda old she prolly is grown up don wanna 3in u ya 7elwa so

masha'Allah 3leich :P

ps 2 jajaja ps 3 jajaja like a playstation i keep sayin ps ps


anywhoo in da middle u see arabic african brazilian portugese

spanish persian bandari everythin soooo mixed :P  even the

language music an food of Persians we r so mixed masha'Allah.

clearly don wanna 3in ourselve jajaja kaaaaaaak so long folks

not until the nxt post ya cha cha chaaaaaaaaaaaa

yalla am out


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