Friday, July 29, 2011

Brazilian FestivaL


So this is Brazilian FestivaL :)

the Talented Young man who is singing and playin vialon is "Quetzal Guerrero" he is actualy really amazing an high upt here in rank in Axe Capoeira

Axe Capoeira is a Brazilian Dance/Martial Art/Music/Life Style

       Capoeira is a one of a kind martial art that combines aspects of self defense, acrobatics, music and dance. Uniquely Brazilian in it’s origins, it meshes these various art forms into one synergistic martial art training experience.

its pretty dope actually
 wen u get into it is like yu are a part of a family

OMG >>>> Bruno mars "amazing" jus the way u r song is on and i still love it :(  am such a victim

BTW i am fasting today , i am "tamrining" for sunday or monday as the Sawm for Ramadan Will begin, jus waiting on KSA to acounce the moon :) an tell us wen it iz. but i began fasting today :P


long day the iftaar is at 8:58 pm today ....damn... hey is long...

bas al7mdullah am doing gr8, am not hungry nor am i thirsty an i brushed ma teeth so many times today jajajaaj nice an  i qol qol da water in ma mouth an spit out. as i did got o work jajaaj ana fi al 3mal al 7in... so ya

having patients "mareeth" maree9'

anywhoo dealing with them , u don wan dat bad stank breath kaaaaaaaaak H3 H3 H3 (6ar9' al laugh al sa3udi) <<< inside joke only me and the Prince of Ship Land from KSA SA3udi Arabia .... jajajaja would know what goes down stays down . must not come up

anywhoo the other day i was invited to the Brazilian Festival wich was all hosted an thrown by my good friend from high school, Eric and he is sooo damn talented masha'Allah

we are family friends and he also is one of the instructors of Axe Capoeira  and he is sooo good like he paints and all that. if u see he painted that drawing of one of the best maestros of Axe Capoeira.

so basically here is a website to reach out to Qutzal

u can buy his album online as well

very very awsome guy, very talented!!!

he is too good!!! u gotta hear him out , hes like a mix of MJ an Latino-ish sound base lol even tho hes not even latino il tel u wat he is :

he is from dad side Brazilian Potugese (fluent in Portugese) and then mama side is American (white) and he was born in Mexico lol so awosme right? and hes from LA!!! yaaaaaaaaaaa goooo CAliiiiiii BABY!!! i represent das wussupppppppp

you can catch Quetzal on FB (FaceBook) and um... yes follow him lol

as i dont have a FB i cant follow maself him lol

but he is totaly gr8 . and in the whole Capoeira scene.

he did sing as a background vocalist in a Persian (Armani) in LA also :P hes so cute he can speak a lil farsi.

so basically hes music very soulful,, very Capoeira, Brazilian ,, soo mixed of everything u will love it

every single song i Garanteee uuuuuuuuu



This is one of the main maestros, he went to Brazil lived there also for awhile.. hes kind too

i kno all of dem :D

so thats one of the girls i  have worked with :) as an Optician Optometrist Assistant :)

the white girl is her

and then the other girl is Angie shes also awsome to 1/2 merrricanaaa 1/2 canadianaaa lol

such a cute girl she issss masha'Allah

shes pretty awsome too the E.I girl :)

i love dis foto of angie sooo super hot!

ya u go girls

they had hired a professional photographer n he snapped away all dem fotos.. super nice

there is again ma gyalzz :)


PIPPAAAA Rockaaaa Fellaaa

go Angieee


Capoeira (Portuguese ) is a Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, sports, and music. It was created in Brazil mainly by descendants of African slaves with Brazilian native influences, probably beginning in the 16th century. It is known by quick and complex moves, using mainly power kicks and quick leg sweeps, with some ground and aerial acrobatics, knee strikes, take-downs, elbow strikes, punches and headbutts.
The word capoeira comes from Tupi, referring to the areas of low vegetation in the Brazilian interior.


Capoeira's history probably begins with the adoption of African slavery in Brazil. Since the 16th century, Portugal extensively adopted slavery to man their colonies, coming mainly from West and Central Africa. Brazil, with its vast territory, was the major destination of African slaves, receiving 38.5% of all slaves sent by ships across the Atlantic Ocean.
Capoeira has a long and controversial history, since historical documentation in Brazil was very scarce in its colonial times. Evidences, studies and oral tradition leave little doubt about its Brazilian roots, but it is impossible to precisely identify the exact location and time it began to take form.




In the 16th century Portugal had one of the biggest colonial empires of the world, but it lacked people to actually colonize it. In the Brazilian colony the Portuguese, like many other European colonists, opted to use slavery to supply this shortage of workers. Colonists tried to enslave Brazilian natives in the beginning, but this quickly proved too difficult for many reasons, including the familiarity natives had with the land. The solution was importing slaves from Africa. [1]

In its first century the main economic activity in the colony was the production and processing of sugarcane. Portuguese colonists used to create large sugarcane farms called engenhos, farms which extensively used enslaved workers. Slaves, living in inhumane and humiliating conditions, were forced to work hard and often suffered physical punishment for any small misbehaviour.[1] Even though slaves outnumbered the Portuguese colonists, the lack of weapons, the colonial law, the disagreement among slaves coming from different African cultures and their complete lack of knowledge about the land and its surroundings would usually discourage the idea of a rebellion.
In this environment Capoeira began to develop. More than a fighting style, it was created as a hope of survival, a tool with which an escaped slave, completely unequipped, could survive in the hostile, unknown land and face the hunt of the capitães-do-mato, colonial agents in charge of finding escapees, always armed and mounted.

:) here is an awsome good cool video to watch . wel met every1 it was gr8 :D



M3 aL-Salamaaaaaa

am out


Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Mubaraaaaaaaaaaaaak


FAST y'all

get on it! :)

SAWM is gr8


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