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Persian/Arabic Gulf look!! khaleegy/5leeji hijab/shayla styles<< this how WE Rock it!!!!

Bismi Ta3ala

Asalamo 3leichi

so here is how We do it in the 5leej (Persian Gulf) 
So black is always preferred ,, best color to play around with

u can use jewels pins , design ur own sides .

many way to rock a hijab

dont forget we dont go out witout our Gamboo3a (big hair flower clip from the Gulf area only)

this is Gamboo3a and below is show how looks wif 7ijab on. just 5leejiahz we do it, but um... like other parts of middle east might not agree with it and say is 7aram. but we still do it,... cuz it aint. and is our style . looks good so be it.

  for example i showed u but next video below will be pretty thorow ....

so in this video is pure Dubai style . hmm so i dont like too much bandana style :) not my style jajaja but for some1 else maybe and i dont put bandana over top of my Gamboo3az nor do i use more that one,.. i jus use a big one for extra volume, but witout it i can still have  a bump lol since ma hair is naturaly full of volume. i got Sa3udi (ARAB) hair curly black,, lil curls cute an thick an jet black jajaajaja masha'Allah 3leich to maself dont wana 3in maself Oh No!

really good rules of 7ijab/Shayla:

Conditions for Women's Hijab

  • Everything but the hands and face should be covered - including your feet :)
  • Don't forget to cover your hair and bustline!
  • Clothing should be wide and loose so as to obscure your figure. This is most easily accomplished by wearing something OVER your regular clothing.
  • Clothing must not be see-thru.
  • Clothing must not attract attention - i.e. avoid loud colors, bold designs, sparkles etc...
  • Clothing shouldnt be that which only men traditionally wear...enjoy being a woman!
  • Avoid make-up and noisy, visible jewelry - you're pretty enough...don't make it harder for people! :)
  • No perfume - I'm sure you already smell great!
  • Clothing should not resemble solely that which non-Muslims wear. - Sorry, no Daisy Dukes in public!
  • Hijab isnt just a dress code, its a mindset! Your beauty isnt only skin deep! Be modest in your behavior as well. Remember this isnt just a protection for you as a person, this is an act of worship. :)
i read it in a website, ill add a bit to it tho.jus dress modestly k? black always nice, and then ya :)

black is definitly the color to be , modest and nice and ofcor nice wif ice (bling Bling lol) sworski stones , diamonds etc jewles jawaherat

This Ba7raini 5leeji girls but most Gulf dress like this :)

omA (oh my Allah SWT) their 7ijab, make up, makillaje, smiles wa lebaas wa jawaher sooo nice musha'Allah

quite adorable me love it long time. 

The sleeves is cute, but uncomfortable an too hot. so sometimes is ok to use, but not all time. but again black drape 3baya bandari/5leeji (khaleegy) best!!! over top of ANYTHING looks hot! and u look like a Princess , malakah Junub, like a ancient queen. ruling ur style :) and rockin dat 7ijab.

omg what would world be if everyone was muslim and all ladies wore 7ijab, oooh i dream for that day one day insha'Allah.

dat day will be glorious  ...

could u imagine? nice HUH (Persia daydreams mauajajaja kaaaaaaaak)  ill make Do3a'2 insha'Allah it happens soon. and ere 1 will rock Hijabs musha'Allah

so frikkin cute huh??? das how we roll bedowin , bedoW, Bedo', Al Ba6uL, Shayla, Bur9a3 (Burqa3) wa 3baya. cute huh

oh and dont u eva forget ur Bu5ur (Bukhur) girl!!! u wan u and ur shayla smell nice!!! so ppl smell twice as u walk by lol 

no alco7ol is in there so yes is 7alal.

u gotta smell good somehow!!

and then this also good for ppl who allergic (7assasiyyah) to Alco7ol even like in perfumes ... 

u can also use 3oud (OUD) and also balsam al Bu5ur al 7arirah ... very nice balsams of 3oud and all. found in Dubai an Jeddah and Q8 (Kuwait )

cute cute nice one video watch below:

Well me like long time 

this one below is fun an cute too.. but with black 3baya 5leeji

khaleegy black long drape modest clothes with style<<< is bedo style of Emaratz.

alSo here we go:

really fun an cute video i found of  how 2 wear shomaq for a5u'zzz but is sooo cute i must post it lol

 then wat else wat else....

ya isnt this cute!!!!


i dono how i got from 7ijab to shomaq but u kno my ADHD is kickin in lol is 5;50 am en el Sob7 looool u go how we DOO OOO i mean i do lol jajajaja

is all good am from the Persian Gulf born and raised there.. so i get to show u our culture style an traditions and also my Sa3udi side kicks in (baba is Sa3udi ) jajaa jus incase u didnt know 

i have fam in Jeddah wa al 5obar, originaly they came from Jeddah tho :)

here is how to do SHma9 shomaq shemaq :

Enjoy! as i did and still do lol


funny funny coment but for some reason the girl below reminds me of Snookie, and sure yall kno

wif her fan and big sunglass and Fendi shayla and like her chubby cheeks lol

eeeeeeh wat else wat else wat else...


Ya fun stuff :)

once u go black u neva go black, try it once, wear black 3bayya u will feel the power an ppl respect u more :)

i feel like a queen in my simple black 3bayya

but obviously for obvious i have tons of many many 3bayyas an costume made one from bak home (Dubai) and KSA.

i design an baba gets dem made and taylored for moi :)


so below is pic of 3bayya Fashion show in Dubai.

This one i clearly own many jewleries from bak home (Dubai)

like big necklace like that stands so nice on a black 3bayya an shayla :) and burqa3 al Ba6uL ya hyaaaaa

howaa howaaa aiwa aiwaa sa7 sa7 :)


but ya masha'Allah 3leichi she has beautiful eyes

gottaa say 5leejiyahz dont let it go witout da make up i do make up real well on others an also maself, but for fun, not for outside like a party of girls or something 7inna parties an walimas etc etc jus u kno chai b na3na3 parities lol

not like dat for outside but some girl like it

i preffer more natural way 3ddi is betterrrrr

by the way she is 3maniyyah TV star
  wa Personelle.

here are more 5leeji style 3bayya pix:

Ok so i think from pretty to nice, from bedou to high fashion , all 5leeji styles, i think i covered it all.

Ps remember use black 3bayya and use ur imaginations

bright funky colored shaylaz

nice Gamboo3'az

and beautiful jewelery yupp

do ur hands n feet with black 5leeji naqsh 7enna too ok???????

u will finish final look xD


 iLove da way she has shes ko7l in shes eye masha'Allah it looks good and usualy i aint a fan of orange 7inna am strickly fan of black 7inna 5leegy khaleegy gulf style persian arabi...but on here wif fa green looks good. musha'Allah 3leich. u say Masha'Allah 3leichii too! we don wana 3in she o.O


 very nice 3bayya design see me i preffer my 7ennaz black. jus nicer an cleaner n deeper lookin.

i can explain u wat 7enna is also represantive of: u see befor u get married zewaj, u put 7enna on hand an leg an u wait houuuuuuuuuuuurs for it to get deepest color possible u see this shows sabr to ur zowji an he apriciates more, da one who mosts wait is most Saboor masha'Allah, and Allah SWT loves patient ppl. 

i don mind the deep burgundy luckin one (jus inside hand is more darker) but like orange one naaaaw it aint me!!! as like Ayah ma felestiniyyah frnd frm NY says : it anit lol for aint :P love u yaaaa qalbi lol u kno wat i mean hala hala wallah :) wa masha'Allah 3leich u cute me love ju long time k? vale? sabes? lol (inside joke again,,, mental note)
 i like she painted shes nail as nail polish to make look like is actualy 7enna jajaajja i caught dat early. u cant pray wif like dat is a no no but if jus 7enna on nails is cool.

This new style of 5leeji 7enna, Q8tiz (Kuwaitz) began it . is like MJ glove an how Ri Ri Rihanna wears obviously ofcorse lol prety awosme huh? how creative masha'Allah me love it long time

                                                                                                                                 -Property of Q8.

 ah now dont 4get ur ko7l in ur eyes k????? protects u also from evil , so no 1 3in u niether. in farsi also called Sormeh.

<mental note> me no like shes eyebrownz k!!!!? jus da way how small line of ko7l is distributed all around evenly @ shes 3yunach .

 Look! is a bird is a plane ! no is Ko7l balm stick pen lol AWSOME! chi chii chi chiiiiiiiiiiiiiih (mexican way of callin some 1 from a distance like as we do here an americas: psssst lol like that except they do awsome called chi chiii lol) jajajaja kaaaaaaaaaaaaak am so funy i make maself laf lol


ya also this 1 of da 10000 billion ko7lz i own i use this, ps i heard it wanst good for eyes, this brand dono nwy?

maybe white ppl hav sensative eye an skin cuz they get damage skin from black 7enna an we dont no its not  a problema @ all u c.> do investigate tho ask ur opthamologyst sup k? see if u got any prob wif it :) 

 i jus thought id share dis 1 last bit an den now am out for now cuz 6:55 AM en el sob7  ya took long time masha'Allah.

anywho this above pic sooo funny cuz looks real da face from for a min  i think some1 there an i was like woooaoaaaaa looks sooo damn real wif all dem airbrushin yo! i got scared yo lol jjajajaja

but it was jus  chillin.

anyways am out yall

Ramadan Kareem insha'Allah 



Asalamon 3leykom


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