Saturday, August 27, 2011

HELLO SONG !!!Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (Official Short Video Version HD)


Asalamon 3leykom

so like um...
iv always listen this song an been so super damn

obsessed as u hear it 50 times a day u c

and then um...
on radio @ work always playin an eretime i hear ma sis or driver pick me up on the car u hear u c

so i became loved it

and then

i decided today i wana blog it

and then earlier this week bout few days ago i had seen a vid on tv

an it was this geeky guy tryna be a singer video person dude white dude tryna be a soccer player but fake futbalist an the vid sucked

so i came to look up hello song

and i couldnt belive ma eyes

some 1 had told me that this dude had a diff vid of him in tennis court an i was like yo wad  a wacko

wat a foo


an i had no clue me was diggin this diggity long time ago no diggity no doubt!!!

here we goo

aaaeeeeeoooo eooo eeeoooo eeoooooooo lol

so um

ya i refuse to look at the video itself

but il listen song lol

yalla ma3asalmaa

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