Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful 5leegy 5leeji Khaleegy Khaliji 3baya Abaya collection

Bismi Ta3alla

Asalamo 3leichom

wuttup Y'aLL?>

Sho a5barachom??

so here we go again.....

These are some beautiful forms of modest Arabic/Persian clothing from the Persian Arabic Gulf states:

so even if u are not a Muslimah and you are here and also looking as u can see they are so gorgouse looking an Royal and what girl dont want to feel beautiful hermosa an Royal??

am sure yallz do rather than dressin skanky wanna look nice an pretty

Hope u enjoy as much as i do :)

Ps  i shall post my designs to as well and let y'all c ma Bomb Explosive work :)


Original below>>> and my version under it :)

much hotta look dont u agree masha'Allah 3leich >> to me and her lol me for designin her shayla an Gamboo3'a

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