Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prince VIP Purple Rain Tour


Asalamon 3leykom y'allzzz

wuttup homez!!!

yo yo yo 418 3 to tha 3 to the 6 to tha 9 , representin' the ABQ, the a msg afta the tone BIAAAAAAAAAASH lol jajajaja

anywhoo lemme tell u wat

lemme tel u this

2nites the nite yo is the VIP Prince yaaaaaaaaa wuttup yall

gotta represent for ma Persian Peoples!!! yo yo yo!!!

so limo be pickin us up, there is 4 in our VIP group, show starts 8 pm but we get to go at 6:45 pm , to get our pre show meeting with Prince, get our Special gift from Prince himself, our Personalized Custom made Prince T-shirts made just for us, special treatment is always good, wat else oh ya am front row sitting on the same table with Prince's friend and family, industry ppl, waz good y'all? this iz anyways

wat else i did not sleep last nite gotta work 2day am too pumped up for the show. so anything i order is on the house, i dont drink alcohol but any food or drink pepsi BEBSI is moz def on da house an food, they wil bring it to ma tablez wuz good!

i will chat it up wif Prince's enterouge. he has 17 buses arriving shortly, 4 buses is just for him and his stuff, the rest for equipment an all kinda other perfming things an his enterouge.

so the stage is shaped as a guitary lookin thing when he was the artist formely known as Prince when they lable CD company took his birth name cuz he used it for his stage name and it was awful he wouldnt even speak and they had copyrights all over his name, it was retarted anyways that is the shape of the stage

the stage will be as below

wow am UBER excited SUPER dooper exciting hellow!!!

Purple Rain Purple Rain....

Purple Rain Purple RAAAAAin....

I only wanna one time see u laughin. i only wanna see u laughin underneath the purple rain

purple rain

purple raaain

persian princess

persian princesssss

<<<sing it in the same tune lol

woopi doo whop!!!

ok peace out homiez

cioa gonna go get ma nails did purple ofcorse

gettin limo picked up and front row

sittin on same table as princes friend an family and i egt a VIP lighted necklace badge thingy

crowd free shoppin

our VIP host flew in this mornin

and um wat else

i got tickets to the after jam at a smaller venue. unplugged up close and personal

 wuttup homiezzz

dont hate apriciate

i gotta represent for ma Persian People!!

if i dont, who will?? now tell me huh? who will??

das right i will

rep am Persian Homiez

hey Young homie watchu trippin' on?

lookin at ma stash instead of wantin some cash

say masha'Allah 3leichi
to me so u don go ahead an 3in me!!!!




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