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Prince VIP Purple Circle Experience-Purple Rain Purple circle

Bismi Ta3alla

Asalamo 3leykom all


insha'Allah be5eir

( I ♥  His Earpiece i totally got to see it up close an personal an touch it is pretty dope! )
today i will be telling you about the experience of my life

i have had many great experiences al7amdulillah in my lil life of 23 yrs on this earth (which ill be 24 soon in jan) either way i thought id share my little Prince Live VIP story with yall

so for the time of my life , dressed all in Purple goin to meet and see the Persian Prince (Singer, entertainer, Jehovas witness, Persian, Guitarist, Drummer, writer, Producer, Dancer, Piano and keyboatdist, the list goes one, and on, and on....) anyways this quite amazing entertainer real artist real musician calm short little person in high heels, ko7l wa  sparkels , he could be the male version of me,  except am  a bit more hyper an hes 53 lol anyways he does not look it, at all.

i love how he soooo looks like MJ there

and is so awsome that they are both came same time and both are super gr8 and both are so amazing humble down to earth and talented

( Do u c da Persian Eye drops on the corner for protection againts any Evil Eyes and Envy ppl out there?? goo Prince!!! am making this shirt for Shaziiyy>>> btw Prince VIP pkg we got 3 personal prince t-shirts )

yo i love the high fashion tall model typed Prince lol designer shirt

that he rocks himself too

woe woe woooow wow woo weee WOW

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Man is Pure Epic Awsome Nothin can touch him

he made sure live nation had tickets for 25$ each at Madison Square Garden so ere body can go and afford it

at begining of the show he said: " Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring u Real Music by Real Musicians"

and wich he did and it was awsome!

the mans a BEAST i don care how short he is he is stil jus as GREAT!

welcome to AMERICA (in an accent lol) with ma back pack lol besheseeeezzz

Dressed all in purple i got picked up with a limo from my VIP crew host Jenny from the Block, i was dressesd to the 9, looking sharp as always masha'Allah 3leichi to me so none a y'all would 3in me anyway.

my lilac purple dress, purple jacket an purple facsinator and feathers and black 80s gloves leather and black leggings and flats. yuppers i rocked the mic, when i rock the mic i rock the mic right.

(i meet this chick too shes awsome and kind an nice an talented an her face piece was amazing and also she is down to earth as hell and she also is one of his back up singers with an amazin voice)

he had 3 of his back up singers with him and a drummer who also sang she was gr8 too

all the 3 soulful back up singers had an awsome an unique voice it was gr8 to see hear an enjoy

and none of 'em were skinny figgs, they were like a NATURAAAL WOmen women lol (sing it wif meeeh)

i love those faces he totaly does both i adore him

and damn he aint age a bit! masha'Allah 3leik

i don wana 3in him :)

hes fun funky fresh awsome touche man touche

his Capricorn girlfriend

LA Capricornia


i love the leg up in da air

well yes ofcorse i was on stage with Prince, who else. Prince also gave me his necklace and his water bottle. i Love him the Most. nothing comparable to an amazing show and since hes more religious quite religious now he has also cleaned up his act
i can write and write alot as u may already know i am typing as we speak i type 55 wpm (words per min) (kalamah be da9i9ah)

anyways Prince gave me his necklace. wich is quite awsome

we got picked up by Limo i was with his enterouge and also i got picked to dance with Prince on stage.

o how i love the Purple ♥ Heart on stage

i love when he does that thing wif his mouth an plays the guitar lol

i totaly do that when i am focusing on  something lol

i love his beautiful smile i got to see it up close and personal when i danced with Prince on stage

VIP is best!

love u Prince and VIP nation

al7mdullah it was da best!

ya Prince rock dat guitar

look how professional and proper he is hes so perfectionist

i love when he does dis to the crowd and ask us to sing i adore him!


i got interviewed and was on TV cuz they thougth i was with Prince's peoples lol cuz i was sitting and chilling with them and backstage

ye ye ye

was friends with the security wich is totaly awsome

peoples fones got confescated

mine did also twice but they had no idea i had 5 of my 7 iphones with me ast the concert lol


 super duper funny cuz like i got many shots and the security saw me on my table but on purpose got other ppl in trouble

other security got me tho, ahhaah

anyways he was sweet he gave my cam back

is cuz wen u r VIP you get best shots u know?

and then u can sell them and they are not very happy bout it

omg this post is taking me a whole week to write cuz damn focusing on one dayumm subject is killin me

eventhough i can type fast my mind switches like a crazy rapid squirrl running around the trees looking for stuff to do or eat

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

I Love him Playing Piano and Guitar and singing and performing and entertaining and  playing bass and jus telling his band an ppl wat to do!

i love a man who can take control of things and make it happpen and possible!

I ♥ ♥  ♥  (yes 3 ♥ 's) the  black long sleeved shirt how it touches like his fingers cuz its awsome :) HAWT

♥Perfect ♥ Hot ♥ Adorable

anywhoo i donno wat i can relate my mind too

either way i guess am the worst horrible person at explaining wat an amazing time i had

but who gets to say they danced with PRINCE of Persia on stage yo??

is almost as good as my meeting with MJ but i was waaay too young to be able to pay atention to any details of the MJ concert and also my meeting experience with him

either way thats a another post that i keep prosming ill share wen i get a chance

but ya anywhoo

after the BIG concert he jammed for about a 100 of us at a local small venue front row again there i was i got soooo many hugs from Prince i cant even explain it to ya


STUPID BRruno mars sux sucks sacks lol


dont get me wrong tho he talented as hell but the coke (cocaine) head douch is a sweating 1/2 way thru his first song retartd

and guess wat

aint no 1 opened for Prince just himself he performed from 9 pm till 11 str8 no break

and then at around 1:45 am till about 4:40 am at the after jam just for about a 100 of us

aint that as close as down to earth u can get from a single best artist ever???

he played piano, played guitar, bass, sang obviously, um... wat else wat else

his entertaintment skills are jus off the heezy yo the trip is off the hook

u are gone for a trip a yo life son

so u betta RESPECT and represent

u kno wat ? ppl had come to like 158 shows of Prince and ppl had followed him since forever and ppl (in VIP) had flown from UK tx canada australia um u name it japan korea thailand philipines etc just to see the man live

and i asked the filipina lady (in her 40's) BTW every one was in their 40-60's i was the only 23 yr old lol

and they would ask me how many Prince concerts have u been too?

and id say this my first one

and they'd say WOAAAA dude! u was up on stage and it was ur first show

am like ya and WAT???

Young Homie watchu trippin' on?? lookin' @ life like how did i get it wrong??

lol haterz

haterz always gonna be haterz

so  u go head an do ya thang bwoy cuz it dont matta watchu do it gonna always b da same


funny true story

happened just now:

went to mackie Deez (Macdonald's) to order breakfast and the dude goes: "wow i aint seen the Prince symbol (sign)

and the dude was like: i aint seen that sign in a million year in ages"

and i was like "ya i met Prince, he gave it to me, his necklace (i am wearing the necklace Prince gave me since the concert everyday) and aint nobody can touch that aint nada comes close to it anyway

so he clearly didnt believe me lol

i realized how ppl if they wasnt there will not believe me loooool


he started to tell me about his symbol and why it was in use for a while cuz sony like took his actual birth name away from him etc etc

and i was like mid way thru his sentence and my order: "yo yo yo Homie G yo, am actually Persian, i kno everythin bout him lol cuz hes Persian too!"

and then he stayed quiet lol

i love dat smile masha'Allah is priceless

" so Prince totally played at a smaller venue for a 100+ of us just for us a jamming session quite awsome and fun nothing touches that. i got so many hugs from him it was EPIC!

Awsome i love him!

and his awsome fedora hat

I ♥ how he sits back an relaxes an watches his band and lets them do they thang he dont interupt and perfects them by tellin em if some wrong or jus directing dem i adore it hes soo in control!

Go Prince Gooooo!

u were worth EVERY $700 American Penny Dollar i paid to see u meet u and be in ur VIP Purple Circle with ur frnds family an enterouge and band!

as a fan i am so loyal an i agree that u are so awsome to made it happen♥ 

n i love this Purple Rain pic!

Welcome to America tour

and Welcome to Canada

i love u

welcome to Prince

awsome i love him too much!

no no no

 i adore him!!!

hes da awsome


way awsomer

than da awsomest


bestair lol

love u Prince

u my Persian Prince

my Prince

my Prince of Persia

i adore u to pieces and u know it my lil 53 yr old Cancer in high heelz


Love u All

Most of all Love Prince jajaj

Allah Ma3akom insha'Allah


Ma3 el Salamah


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