Saturday, December 3, 2011

Prince Purple Rain Tour-am goin V.I.P. as usual-get to meet him


Wa Asalamon 3leykom Wa Ra7matullahee Wa Barakatu

Wuz wuz Good y'aLL

ya it was sooo damn good i had to say it 2wice.

"so nice gotta say it twice", hold my finger with three fingers showing an looking with confusion lol <<< Reminds u of some'?  Madagascar 2 jajaa the hippo yo! Will I Am from BEP is the voice over actor xD

funnny as hell love that Mobie watched a million times jajajaa

sO Way to go meeeeeeee

yay meeee

anywhoo ill tell u wat

im going  to Purple Rain Tour first stop in N. America. Yup. Prince will rock my world

cuz guess wat i got VIP package so NOt just a VIP ticket to meet him noooo!!!

I will go an hour early to the Venue, i get my own Personal VIP host that will escort me to my Table, were i am seated in the front row with Prince's enterouge (family and friends) yes am one of the ones on the table with them, i dont drink alcohol but all drinks an food on the table , so like pepsi popcorn wateva.

i will get a special gift from Prince himself, and also a elaminated VIP ticket an tour guide, i will get my own personalized Prince Purple Rain Tour T-shirt made specifically for me, custom made, i get crowd free shopping merchandize and i get to seat an watch an enjoy Prince for 3 hours str8 him just performing. i read reviews about this amazing concert, well u kno how all other artists dont perform the whole show and they are having ppl to open the shows for them, well not this Persian Prince, an yes HES Persian, hes always been an will be, he doesnt like to disclose that cuz to the Persian Comunity hes a shame cuz the way he dresses an all, well i dont care cuz am Persian and i LOVE him!!! hes awsome! and am proud of it, so after not being ACCEpted by da Persian community he tried to def twist up his ethnicity by not talkin bout it an makes ppl even more confused, u  see Freddy Mercury also was Persian, from the Queen , the main singer . yup hes real name was Faro5 Bulsara (Farokh Khan Bulsara) u see hes Persian REAL persian who had to leave iran cuz  they were Zorastrian an wen arabs took over an made all muslims in Persia the diff ppl moved around some to india some to arab states of the Persian Gulf an some  African countries.

So ya

anyways got off topic again as usual

i cant wait til 2 weeks from now yaaay :)

GOOO Prince :)

Big day comin



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