Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bruno Mars Concert- he sucks


Asalamon 3lykom aLL~!!!

sSooo ended up goin to ma bruno mars concert i was sooo excited bout .... sucked bums lol

bruno was a complete jerkoff... sooo full of himself ... >_<  Rude Boi!!!!  he can go to jahannam / HELL  4 all i care Douchbag!!! 

Tho Janelle Monae rocked da show!!! and she rocked ma world too!

so guess wat i have many stories to tell but since i am like never on.... its not as cool i wont finish it all

but i had to give a piece a my mind... i frikkin painted bruno a huge paintin nice 4 portaits in 4 diff colors awsome beautiful ill show u foto....

anywho i will tell u wat... he was high on crack cocaine. i was his #1 fan up until i met him for who he "really" iz... he dont give a rats bum about his fans is all bout the money,,, is all bout the benjamins baby


he dont care one bit... das why he gets sooo high to do the shows... yes hes talented yes he has amazing voice n talent n can sing exerta exetera lol

but 1/2 way thru first song he was drinched in sweat drippin off of him...

he messed up his song he was playin guitar an he got drifted away an messed it up (even tho it was frikkin cute as hell, and adorable, but damn he was high :( Sniff Sniff ... we both kno he cant do it on his own... he wasnt willin to take the risk before the drug bith-ness came thru ... if u kno wat i mean...) like if he was a nice person i woulda been like cool dude it was cute i admit it was cute wen he messed up... but he is too damn concided... yo lemme tell u this tho.... janelle monae ...chica rocked the night an rocked the night right... she made no mistakes.... show went well  jus like once her shirt came out her tucked in pants u kno her dress white shirt n she fixed it an it close to end of her performance like her her came outta her cool "Rock-on" bun like big huge bump in da front her forhead like a hard core female version of Bruno.. anywhoo i asked many ppl afta show if they realized it an they was like aw they thought it was part of show.. but since i was close up... naw i saw how she got mad n stressed and stuff ... and like tried hardocre to put it bak cuz i think she likes things perfect.. but at that moment it was no time... but damn she was talented as hells he sang perfectly no mistakes she dances to the beat did the tightrope right on spot omg spot on and also painted live it was amazing... she is gr8 an i love she. 5alas  das all am gonna say about she.

he ran off da stage an came back at close to end of show... half the staduim had left 20 thousand people

i don feel like typin no mo

dis post so old

kaaaaaaak 5555555 lalalalal ajajjaaja

m3 alsalamaaaa

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