Saturday, June 11, 2011

America's Got talent :D- Lil' Tanner

Bismillahe Al-ra7man Al-Ra7eem


All if y'allzz knows me ,... me dont start nada witout "bismi 'Ta3alla" wa "As-Salam"zzz :D


so Basically... i have a few vidzzz youtubes to share .. that i been introduced to lately or been watchin or listening to :D


makes day go by even fastaaaaaa

one is Lil' Tanner, cute 6 yr old boy from Houstan, TX me love Texas and Texans long time.... my cuzins are totally Texans born an raise there lol stil got Spanish but donnno no kurdish no farsi 4got all Persian lessons they was given too

lol anywhoo me tell u wat went down

this kid is about to blow  yo mind outta porportion lol

he is blowed my mind out

so checkin it out :D

Lil' Tanner... where u from??

Lil' Tanner .. u got a girlfriend: "YES!!"

"Abby .... *Sighs* I Loove you abby (in southern accent dat i dig so much) soooo cute!!!

wats ur name? : "Tannieerrr" lol soooo adorable!!! i will steal dis lil kid one day loooooooooooool

XD love u

enjoy Y'aLL

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