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Set #1: Beautiful Ni9ab Fashion in my Opinion.

AuthoBIllahe min ashay6anee arajeem

Bismillahe al-ra7mane al-ra7eem

Assalamou 3leichom wa ra7matullahi wa barakatu

I am jus here to share u ma fashion my beliefes of fashion :) what i think is beautiful and what i think is very gorgoues an extra-ordinary (in an english POSH accent lahjeh i must add lol)

and not 2 forget to mention what i find not sooo cute and not my style at all lol an maybe quite hidious loooool

as Paris Hilton puts it  in words/kalamat: "Ya That's Hot!" kinda thang lol ma kindaa thang looool

There we go so each photo posted below is either super nice and i love it and adore it or i will post it jus so u see how real muslims in middle east dress like and i will be like ooo me like this one and so and so or ooh me no like that one an so an so. :)


so have fun and best of all. plz have an enjoy urself while ur cruzing ur way along a blog spot :)

This i love . obviously i posted first because this type of ni9ab the red bandar abbassi one in Minab Bandar Bandar abbas Bandar Lengeh Hormozgan region of Iran is only unique to there.  i was Born Bandar Abbas.. so i feel most conected to it. and i love it,, many ppl find it wierd ..but my opinion,.. its gorgous, is culturee it is deep. brought on by the mix of Portugues to the Persians bak in the days. the printed chadors also only a thing of iran . chador is actualy a Persian Farsi word. it is chador. the long cloth over draped the body. i only own 2 cuz they were sowen and given as a hadiah to me from ma 5aleh azizi n is not something i wear outside. i prefer 3bayaz.. befor i used to use them for namaz an prayer but no longer i do so. i love my full bandari 5leeji 3baya... most easy... i stil think that blue navy colored one in the foto looks amazin an i wana cop maself one cuz it looks dope with the red bandari ni9ab and the black mask overneath i think it looks bomb! bomb explosive! i love it, it looks modest and comfortable. i wouldv done it if i am runin out house real quick real fast.. fahm...?
 man... isnt this picture jus sooo wonderful..?? yes indeed is quite nice

so i love the little jewel am diggin it. is expensive classy an nice... i mean Blye Royal color is nice.. an ko7l in 3in :) u Go GIRL! u rock ! :)

so this is not ma fav ... seems too much tryin, less swag,, but u kno u could figga some out if u fixed the eyes. clearly this person isnt a real middle eastern lol jus some random blanquita posing :) u jus can tell trus me we middle easterns know lol who a real who a fake lol

iiii LOVE this!!! this is HOT! this is Tradition Kurdish Bedouin. any nice tribes from middle east. so Gorgous i love it :)


standard Yemeni or Masri Ni9ab

standard Sa3udi flip bak ni9ab

yup same...jus thought i post more lol

jajajaja hahahaha jajaja so i had to laugh cuz i found it quite stupid that they hav to draw that ish an find it cute,.. i mean it aint cute. it aint neva was cute, it aint neva will be cute.. so what the loca??? r u loca?? i mean REALLY?!>> no REALLY!??? sooo damn ugly.. stop this mess.. all Persian old drawings an paintings have it is sooo nasty,... ewwww eyebrowns meant to be 2 pieces not 1!!!

i like the try for the added color of red maybe to match something... but like a little too much i find it too low...

see this is now JUST NUFF RED and Perfect, hey eyes done well well she has masha'Allah beautiful eyes colors anyway. an long natural lashes like moi :D yup al7mdulla Gracia a Dios i got em i got it like dat u c. with jus a touch of any type a mascara u use . us lashes turns into flow.. real fly they be like so high like flyin off our face off the hook is chill :) no za7mat /za7mah necesarily needed hehehe

But on the Real i love the lil' touch of red am diggin it yo u c. is jus Perfect :)


so am not diggin' this @ all ofcorse is nice Omani style ni9abs that are from tradition not meant for fashion.. so dont mistake it for one ppl or i will get up on there an post FAIL on ur forheads lol this is only accepted and OK from tribals an Qabilahz lol and must be from 3man lol any other place u fakin it lol

well as me as far as i go i wouldnt mix a black 7enna traditional Persian Gulf style with Mehendi Brown 7enna indian style :)

thats jus me... y'all can coment..

is too busy.. takes the sense away from it all... makes u wanna run away .. like i jus gotta get away is jus too much.. need Relax/

lets roll to nxt foto lol

soooo cute this foto Masha'Allah

Yaaay! IRAN VIVA IRAN :) yup this is south of Iran bandar :) with cool awsome hats :) trust me mexicanos took it from us lol jokes jokes maybe they did lol who knows.. tons a Persians alla en mexico :) VIVA MEXICO we love u.. betta yet i LOVE u guey!! ESE! Homez! :D .: <<<<thats ma gangsta ESE tattoo only eses would get this lol .: is cuz this is actualy a tattoo as a Persian in black permanant 7enna we do on our face, beside eye... on chin , on forehad u choose :) so ya we do got stuff in common :)

personaly am a 5aleejiah u c... i don um u kno do ma hijab wif no Gamboo3a..  cute color but not ma style :)

perfect, cute, modest :)


yemeni sa3udi masri

a 5areji posing in maghrib :) a model...

omani style an southern IRAn style ni9ab for older ladies.


indian tourists :)

yay walkin in the streets :) so much fun beautiful streets of the middle east cant be replaced by the hollywood streets on sunset boulavard lol

cute :) very Irani Shi3ah style :) YA Hussein! :)

cute students :)

nanat :) ya nana wa abjee :D az we call em, obly persian know wat means so dont ax me there aint no translation :)

omg :D me love it long time all them.. pink hijab plus :) and all the beautiful ni9abzzz

last one is a cahdor abaya ni9ab mixed :)

im a fan of if u wearin black ni9ab, wear black 3baya also :D not jeans an jackets, makes no sence to me. wats the point then? :)
is not bout ur skin being covered , is bout dressin modest as well.. so wen u decide to wear a ni9ab do it corectly :D jazakallah' 5eir insha'Allah

now das hardocore mainly in like dubai suburbs an 5leej fars suburbs an yemen called ra3as Abayaz full head to toe covered no eye showing. obviously the husband decided if he wants his wife to wear it cuz u r sacrifizing vision, i mean seeing thru a thick black cloth is quite difficult u know. and walkin wow.. masha'Allah. may Allah protect them an bless them. the more u feel this life is like hell u kno u r in the right path as in the other world u will be given many rewards  :) it is not difficult in the desert heat with the regular 3baya an ni9ab , let alone Ra3as Abaya.

masha'Allah prayin i love the rose on the side of  3baya . jamila, insha'Allah 9abul.


i love this khaleejiah/ 5leejiah, 5aleejia. this chick is still rockin her Gamboo3'a which is sooo bomb :)

now this is ONE OF MA FAV PIECES I MEAN BOMB! ABSOLUTLE BOMB!  look at that Royal Green :) on black omg diamonds an crystalz ma best friends  :D

beautiful eye make up

beautiful simple black ni9ab adds to the classiness of this designe

quite gorgous

masha'Allah :)

dont wanna 3in this u5ti :)

u Go SIS!

Masha'Allah !!!!!

 thats all i gotta say!

put urself in her shoes!

studieng with black ni9ab in desert heat an graduating in middle eastern countries as women most places are not educated. as far as i am concerend masha'Allah ...

i mean i am maself a lil bit more traditional stuck in the earthly old stuff lol but this is cool. i believe men should be educated i mean high school is good an college good for ladies but hmm... men has to provide .. he is the sole provider. that is what Qur'an says.

iiiiiiiii L O V E this!!!

no more to say.. but i need to say it anyway looool

i mean crystalz an sworskiz an diamonds on bandari ni9ab sooo gorgoues. i love it!!!

anjaaa ahummm  ill b makin ma own :)

i love the bedouin Qablieh lookin hijab an ni9ab here, jus the string def needed to b a lil less long :) tall haha ... an i love the coins awsome an kurdishi arabi persianii :) proud to be all :0)

cute huh? so adorbale :D love the sheer material on the hijab not too hot :D

i love the power u can see but one shot! of this foto u kno she is masha'Allah powerful women , a women in black 3baya is 10x more powerful that a revealing tight short dress :) is true

ah now u kno my kids (baby girls insha'Allah have some) will b playin with the muslimah 3baya Barbie :D

and she has clothes for inside house too all modest :) love middle east


very pweety Sa3udiyyah :) das why she has the ko7l in she's 3yun so we don 3in her masha'Allah :D

women drivin'
im women and i dont drive  :) and hav no interest to am 24 now and i got a chauffer. so ya, wen il b married il b with my husban @ all times. :) never alone anywer.

ya is kinda cute the flower n mini jewels on the ni9ab but i donno i wouldnt wear that wel das cuz my traditional persian ni9abs are diff :)

OMGGG sooo beautifulllllllll masha'Allah i love it!!! the hijab how it comes over like a hoodie :) and i LOVE black! i wont get tired is pretty bomb! far most ma FAV PIC here :D

i don dig the white cap over it .. an the material of the hijab (0__0) is like aaaaa.... i wouldnt wear it

ah man isnt this sooo beautiful?? yemeni i love it!

is iight

again a model modelando en la sahara both iz modelss lol


chador style hijab 3baya hijab melli... for older ladies not ma style at all..but modest none the less

very cute :)

i love this one! :D an i love the material :D

personaly i don like the fixed ma9na3eh on top of a ni9ab but damn it looks good on her,masha'Allah,,, but i stil wouldnt wear it lol

cute :)

i love the sa7el in the background nice shot sis :D

again very nice foto. i like the concept .. but not too much again ma style.. of ni9ab. with ma9na3eh.


ah isnt that sooo cute? :)
 hmm i love the lil blink hehee u go gal :D love the jewels

very modest yes if u had to be in islamic madresah that has men an women mixed :) nice outfit choice for dean class.

nice foto i love the orangi red under the black :) an masha'Allah her eyes are awsome too

very common sight in iran , the hijab melli az they call it. is 3baya style chador... me no dig too much i don like the over the head i like put ma own hijab :0)

cute ni9ab for young girl :)

well her choice. but me no like black flip over sa3udi ni9ab with white hijab. not my style.

again not ma style the lower over the noze gaze. me no like so much.

WEEPEEE WEPAAAA i love this sight :) beautiful diff style 7ijabiz :D me Diggin' too m u c h o lol

again modela lady. me like the 9u6ri in background lol makes me wana make chay (shay) ba na3na3 or capuccino an keep in war in the seeni with the zoghal being burn right beside it hehehee

this is only one of the many mini is should say large lol of ni9abi fashion do's an dont series i will b postin. i use to hav much time on ma hand. i don no mo lol as we travel so much always on the go go go lol

Hollywood Stylin' as Usual....

am actually thinkin about this since soooo manny peepz honestly like um suggested it to me like.. to um do TWEET i mean i would definitly do under annonuymous like this an also vlog or youtube channel...

daaaang this blog took me a month to do lol hahaha most reasons cuz i been flyin round on the plane hahaah

take care y'all

the nxt series comin up soon

assalamou 3leichom

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