Friday, March 11, 2011

i kno i been M.I.A: my Bori Stole me lol in Hollywood

salamz to ALL!!!

Asalamou 3leichom

Wallahe i kno i been M.I.A. ( missin in action ) lol

but thats because my lifes taken a U-turn or as 3mou Doug callz it YOU-EEE

loool inside joke dont ask

im super inlove wif the one and only Bruno Marz, my soul replacement for MJ i mean  i styll L O V E MJ as much as the Donya (World)

but damnnnnnnnnnnn

Bruno Marz has taken a u-turn for me looooooool

so i picked this foto cuz it matched ma mood am in green moodism today LOL ;O) jajaja awsomenesssssss

i was readin on VIBE "The new POP Music" edition: Bruno Mars / Wiz Khalifa / B.O.B. "

sooo ya i was readin how he states he is a Puerto Rican first like as in he dont mention first thats hes 1/2 hes str8 up Boricua lol wich is perfect for me cuz am marrieng me a Bori Bori too :$

anywhoo few lines above he goes oh ya my moms filipina u kno.. his dad a NuyoRican (ya3ni a Boricua from Brooklyn) anywhoo .. an obviously he was born n raise in Hawaii so hes definitly a island boi till 18 he moved to Cali. u kno ... :) hes perfecto.

ya ya i noticed his mama an papa divorced but like hes dadz always in his music talks picture and he grew up moslty wif his dad az in his papa was the noe influencing him cuz like he was also a musician and definitly helped alot and obviously papa took care of him wen hes mama an baba divorced. so like he respects his old man u know.

wich is nice :)

u kno if him an Janelle Monae had a baby it be perfect :) sooooo dayummm mixed . wel ofcorse they gotta get married first! how much u wana bet they will?? am sure he has a thang for her. she soooo cute. she's his male version lol

this is janelle monae by the way:

anyway bak to the basics.

since i got nada but Bori Bruno Mars on ma mind ima post some a his awsome fotos an coment on em. cuz u kno me. in Hollywood i be Hollywood Stylin' am Popular on sunset boulavard an Hollywood jjaja. ya is like dat.

this is how i RRROLL!!!!

ah well this definitly looks like a foto shot inside of a chill place . studio not so much is like um a house or crib or a frnd jus jammin' island stylin' yawmsayin? lol

i do absolutly adore this awua colored base shirt on his shiney golden sun glazed Boricua tanned skin :) (ya am a lil' obsessed, and so WAT???!!! got a prob wif dat?? i'd toss a GRENADE @ ya lol)

im diggin the sand brown wood colored hat is tight fedora hat are defnitly his thang..

his influences come from obviously MJ . the BEST none the less!!! Michael Jackson. could u imagine wat a dream duet they woudv done if MJ was still alive??? wow bomb!!! BOMB explosive fa'show!! Fo'shazzyyyy yawmsayin?? like it would be fly!!! hmm... so any whoo... 2 of the BEST will would've reated the BE$TE$T! lol

other influences include early kid Elvis. and James Brown i mean c'mon and also Little Richard. Yallz definitly needs to see the damn "Cadillac Records" movie is tight!! i am tellin u right now!! best wacth EVA!!!

and Beyonce flyes in it! like literally she is sooo damn fly in it actin out as Etta james! she kills it!! she sure damn got flow an way hotter than Etta herself. no wonder etta on drugs was hatin' , instead of apriciating lol i mean damn if i was a oldie on drugs an saw a new-wie doin ma thang as me and i couldnt possible follow lol id be hating looooooool

es que esa me da alegria.. esa foto es impresionable BLOB! como Ay Dio Mio, Tu ere PERFECTO y se que no hay alguien es este mundo que es perfecto.. pero tu sabes... pero su sonrisa llega hasta el cielo...

me boy a moverme a Puerto Rico y casalme con una Boricua :) y boy a tenel niÑos Borinquen.

 i have those glasses an they tight... i mean 6'000+ viewz y'ALL?? like wat do u c in ma page???? looooooool Plop lol como dice el darkness loool

yup yup chillin wif da youn Elvis :)

i mean his flow an style an swag is PERFECTO, no hay ninguna palabras k te puedo explicar lo que siento por el :)

Easy Come... Easy Go...

That's jus how u live...

Oh, take take take it all...

But u never Give...

Noooo no Noooo








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