Friday, March 18, 2011

lazy girl

wow me so lazy these days wholeeey!!! wel is cuz ma sis around too.. an like i be hang out wif she. an get bored sometimes too lol all ba maself. dang she leavin soon to japan

i really don hav a particular topic on ma mind

i jus go wif it go wit it go wif it lol

hahaha slow wif it slow wif it

jajaja bruno mars ... yup i love him 2 much

i cannot wait i am goin front row seats tickets each $1'300 ya!! am excited am memorzied all hes songs word by word! damn!!! i cant wait to go see him live cuz hes amzin live yaaay

june 23rd i kno my spots empty hahha

awsome i canot wait he is worth every penny :)


wel am off to burger king wif ma hermana

see y'allz later

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