Sunday, November 27, 2011

random pix

Bismillah Al-Ra7man Al-Ra7eem

Salamon 3leikom

Random pix selection

thought it was funny or nice while browsing thru 5alijiah's web blog page.

Persian carper and jeanie in a majic lamb

muhahaha cute right? lol iceeey cRReem kakaka lol

mini 3bayya has always an already been in use in iran we call it mantaeu (like le chateau<< french word that french gave us again, is the invasion of france lol and also um it jus wat it means like mini jooup<<< mini skirt :) )

cute sa7?

i love this an how it makes me damn hungry lol good thing i aint fasting lol on sawm if i see this pic lol daaang al7mdullah :) for all the ne3mah Allah SWT has given us.

U.A.E. Represeeent :)

mm Tamerr

omg muy Linda muy Linda so cute Gamillah Aywah Aiwa 9a7 9a7 :) i love the head pice i have some like that an so does mama from she's mama ya like um is kurdish thing :) Bandari tooo ahwaz an 3badan

miss da sa7ara lookin at this . this was fun :)

U.A.E. Represent 2 wassaaap

das sooo cute i love it :)

thass soooo damn funny omg i find it so amusing that things dat we R used to as an 3aadat (3aadaah) is like amazing an amusing to other ppl and they feel like is a show or some lol/ sometimes ppl ask me are u dress like Egyptian goddess or Persian Princess? lmao an am like no i aint dressed as nobody am jus me. good Ol' me from the Persian Gulf. Represeeent :)

holla am out.




Ma3 el Salamah <<< Ma9eri way of typin Ma3asalama lol

i love u Ma9er an Ma9eriz


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