Saturday, November 19, 2011

Belly dancing WUZZUPPP??!!??!!!


Asalamon 3leykom y'allZZZ

Wuz good !???


Sho A5barakom??

Anywhoo i kno is been a while since i actualy write

but been traveling workin and moving out to my own house buying furniture and decorating and house stuff and renovating omg


i kno i dont write a lot but pix say a 1000 words

1001 Persian Night

1001 shab :) stories where Ala'3ddin and Jasmin came from the stories ofcorse and she was a Persian Princess and he was a 1/2 Egyptian an 1/2 Persian street boy, hes daddy was a egyptian buisness man from egypt who was just spending time in Persia and left his mom after so he grew up without a dad , he was yateem cuz he was with no family, even hes mama was gone when he was young.

either way, there are tons a fun stories also from it.

we Persians brought so many awsome things to this world masha'Allah :D we are gr8 . as i will go an celebrate "being a Persian national day" wich is EVERY DAYUM DAY to me lol lmao am so damn awsome das wazzup.


am so proud of my middle eastern roots blood and culture.

ye i am

Bellydancing be a part of it


like a long lost queen Princess of PERSIA, i am Persia and i have been found, how awsome is it that my name is Persia and i am Persian and i am from the Persian Gulf.

and awsome ppl like Freddie Mercury from Queens and Prince (the Artist)

Bellydancing is Awsome and these pix are gr8 i wanna paint them :)
and i love Bellydancing as i teach in my own Personal Studio for girls only for obvz daaah

anywhoo is best also i love playing MJ the Experience "The Michael Jackson Experience" u see i bought the game and then i realized that i had to buy playstation 3 to play it lmao das wussup so i bought that too then i realized u need a controller an these random camera and bla bla bla an dance stick to be able to play the game  u see so i did
awsome :)


i rock it , its awsome

so am gonna see how much/many "so's" i can use in the nxt blog lmao so lets start Homiez.

so i wanna play this game , wateva it iz :/


it looks Bomb aZ HelL

                                             Perisan RoyaL Blue

so i love this blue

so Goth bellydancin

Emo wuzzup

so omg this colorful makes me wanna buy smarties an m&m z an eat em all. lol

so much fun i have those Persian pants again so awsome to be Persian an being able to flaunt it lmao

ya das wuzzup

being Persian is not a Pride, is a Exclusivity like VIP xD


silly i love her hair musha'Allah 3leichi so i don wana jix and 3in she anyway. am not mean like that, nor am i jelous. al7mdullah.

so i love this painting / drawing wateva it iz

sooo Persian (above pic)

:above is da pic i drew befor if i eva find the painting ill post it for sure.

I looove this baby/dark blue bellydancer is awosme

so id ratha b bellydancin in ma own dance studio :) all by maself for obvz

:i loooove this red awsome color on nice olive skin like maself an black hair jet black is mine obvz

:this art is cute makes me want to expirement with watercolors for fun lol like i always do anywhoo hoo

: so i like this masjlis

: so i like this skirt u see the colors an flowy material

:Persian Art an Carpets hand made:

Jeanie in a Bottle Bay Beh

:cute AZN grl bellydancin i love wen cute AZN grls are bellydancerz.

: Goth Emo Epic Awsome

got only 4 words 4 ya ooh ya an dredz lol

its dreezy lol

also plz dont email this email ^^^^ cuz i jus made it up lol u will FAIL jajaja

:Emo Goth Gothic Epic das wussup

dredz need i say more

: i love this green beautiful color and i love her hair. btw i like the dancing veil the green on it not on the bellydancing bra an skirt

: i love this art below i drew it out

:Anyways i GTG Bye
Ma3 el Salamah

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