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Chris Rene - Young Homie


Asalamon 3leykom


wuz goin on!!!!

wel ima introduce u to Chris Rene

Chris Rene- Audition 1 The X Factor 2011

salaaaam enjoyyyy

On the series premiere, Chris Rene auditions...Watch to see how he does!

Catch all-new episodes of THE X FACTOR WED & THUR at 8/7c, on FOX

cuz i am def enjoying!!!

all day ere day 50 times a day lol

mornin evevnin lunch time after noon y'all

Chris Rene Bootcamp Sexual Healing - The X Factor

CHRIS RENE - Bootcamp Audition - THE X FACTOR 2011

so Chris René , 28 yr old father of two, from Santa Cruz California, halls trash as a job, recovering Drug addict of 70 days 2 months 94 days an counting impressed the judges LA reid already wanna sigh him

the dude gets more air play an screen shots an face shots than they show his singing cuz they kno they wana sign him anyway so they keep teasing us by not showin him an hiding him that way they get us watchin more and they get more ratings

fox is playing it safe

u see they fired (and by they i mean creator of the show simon cowell who is coward / cow lol and whos engaged to a Persian make up artists from LA who she works on his show for him the other show american idol, thats how they met) anywhoo he has no shame he hired an fired cheryl cole in a week he wanted ratings to he brought her from UK to USA aint nobody like she donno she aint nobody understand she

i got a damn accent an i sure as hell dont understand her none sence english anoying english wateva da hell she calls it like scarey spice from spice girls mel b she from leads an all

an omg like OMG fo real her accent SUCKS only Ginger passes ma crowd then baby emma bunton an theeeeeen id say POSH spice victoria beckham i mean she pose to be posh an all makes me wannaa.... um

anywhoo off track as i usaly do cuz i hav tons to say an i talk alot an ma ADHD supamanz me lol takes over i mean


u see

he used her to get ratings (who uses who u askin now urself in dis stage ok i l repeat) simon used cheryl

u see in UK it worked in x factor britain cuz cheryls a star there but in states um... who is she?? to judge out peeps thats wat ppl was thinkin. an no one in LA was sencing her style and also her accent not understood even by immigrants looool

cuz us imigrants if u think bout it we use to our own accents thru out USA an canada right so like if u think if we met a EI (east indian lol) ok say u heard indiands speakin english in Dubai, they are hearing their english either from like their Emirati pplz or like england teachers or some... it would sound diff than a EI in USA , ya dig???

is strange i kno // jus think bout it

anywhoo ma point

she sound wack

love her she cute an al wif her dimples an style an obviously simon created her as a star but

ya in USA we don wan she


wat was ma point of this whole subject??? were the hell did i end up???

do u always have doz weird feelings wen u end up on da wierdest videos on youtube an u iz like "yo how the hell i end up up in here?" looool funny right???

Aiwa Aiwa Sa7 Sa7 loooooool


ama scrol up an read

lemme scrol up an find out wat i was sayin befor i got side tracted lol

seriously tho they play us with lil teasers for example

last night they had episode where artists at judges houses x factor an they clearly showed chris a milli times but no damn no

no damn audition

so it was really anoying


they make us turn in an wanna watch but they wont show us

buddy had 5 milli views after x factor posted his first auditon on youtube in one night

he was the msot searched

now hes almost at 6

totaly awsome

5 million views = 5 million dollars $$$$

u see the money signs???

ya das why they keepin him hidin on the low u see?

cuz they kno they make money ppl want more

they make us anticipate

an left for wanting more

LA reid already wanna sign him cuz he kno the dudes the truth (as LA ried states it , his boyz would be proud (from jay z to kanye west) that hear him say hes the TRUTH! cuz  homies a trooper

"Young homie watchu trippin' on? "  is Chris's lyrics and the reply was

"wooo weeee" Paula Abdul said after the performance

and as nicole Scherzwinger or howeva way u spell her hard last name

ok fine lemme google it lol

 Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger

Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger

k so as Nicole Scherzinger said : " watchu write. " homie watchu trippin on?" as chris confirms "yeh"  and nicole goes deep into some like this : " honey am trippin' on you (PAUSE) am serious!"

"i mean ur talent is un describable, ppl always ask me, whats the x factor i said its undescribable, i guess u GOT the X FACTOR!!!"

yes yes yes

an Simon Cow out of all says after crackin a smile an all of em at beginin doubtin a homie jus cuz hes song title was young homie

dem was shock yo

like WTH???

Paula Abdul was like um young homie??? 

an he like ye is a original

i wrote it an i made the music to it he made the whole dayumm track by himself wich ya3ni he is producer creator creative amazing amazer talented talentoso and like obivously plays all instuments an writes real music compared to the likes of 2 pac raw tough a real street credibility SANTA CRUZ big home style reppin da streets and a reaL OG and the likes of MJ cuz the way he sings drops da beat down low brings it up high real talented real smart obivousoly .. an also ppl can relate to him cuz the gr8test in competition

i mean ppl like him is who as fans we sick




the truth

and obviously talented and writes they own

so ya

we been waitin long time for a real thang like him

ya sooo um musha'Allah hes gr8

and i wish him the best a luckk


so bak to the subject this wat simon said bout young homie : " always ma favorite feeling when i sit in this chair and meet a star for the first time" ya3ni he is da star amazing obviouosly and then he goes on to say : " and what i like about the fact is that , maybe u need the show, maybe we NEEd you!!!!! " amazing right?? aiwa aiwa sa7 sa7

amazion lol <<<< french lol

nchaLLAh he will win <<< frenchie lol

maqrebia an marakesh an algerians an all dem frenchie 3rabiz say dat

prety awsome hey


now pick up yo fone

an vote for him plz

God was on his side he got 4 yeses as Nicole was amazed obvioulsy

an did u see the end wher he goes: " i mean my sons gonna see this , like ooooooooooh maaaaaaaa GOoooooood!" seriously now how cute was that??? he cares bout his son!!! amazin


take care yall

till next post on him wen i dig in deepah an find out more

i do have a lot of news on him

jus too dayum Lazy to post

like bout how hes sis on the show Gina Rene was the singer for soundtrack of movie dance flick  called "Step up" starting chaning tatum

awsome amazin hollywood movie

anywhoo Gina Rene is track 15  on the album :)

chk her out y'aLL

k he throwin up peace signs


anyways gtg



Ma3 el Salamah


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