Sunday, January 15, 2012

Natalia Kills - Kill My Boyfriend


Salam agains yo

so guess wat as a fashionista id tel u dis

natalia kills has da bombest best fashion EVA!

guess wat is ok to have ADHD cuz am neva da same lol in look wise lmao except thA FACT dat i ALWAYS LOOK GOOD, even if i look bad i still look good cuz i don walk no were witout me lookin propah, i dont mean as in i am pretty no no no no way am so not confident ... the reason i say i look good as in i WILL NEVER  and i mean NEVER walk out witout my hair did or make up did or dressed proper or appropriate for the event or work or school or anywere i go too. i wil have nice clothes nice shoes nice jewellery so i mean i always look clean nice shiney u kno wat i mean ahahajajaj

yes yes yes and i expect the same from EVER1 but clearly not everyone is da same u see ....

i hate ugly or dirty shoes, like if u can afford nice shirt why not a clean shoes even if u cant aford clean shoes u can clean dem wif tooth brush an water yo or whiten dem with toothpaste

i aint sayin that erre 1 shud go an buy a damn nice shoe expensive crap no no no

no way

u can buy second hand jus pick a nice one!


u should look propah.

an fo dem who lives on da streetz an says nah man i aint got even money for eat... but dayum homie for some reason u always find money for drugz?? i dont get it! do u??
cuz i kno i got u all figured out yo

so Young Homie watchu trippin' on???


heres Natalia Kills with her killa B outfits Queen B rockin it!


so here is her style  she is 1/2 afro-jamaican and half uruguyan latina spanish . Begin from england she's British wif a wonderful Bri'ish accent :P i looove Bri'ish accent :P



-Das moi


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