Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love Struck- introducing the New Frangrance by Vera Wang with a Gamboo3a on the top!!! :D


Asalamon 3leykom

Gosh my favorite scent!!!

the Lovestruck really got me love struck for REALz yo!!!

I have been sick lately pretty down, my heart , my chest hurts. cant breath properly always in an out of the hospitals seeing cardiologysts etc etc

wont give much time to maself

so been treatin maself like a queen lately

all i do is shop shop shop


on the phone

order ppl to buy stuff for me

take me to the malls

go here an there

travel an shop

island hop an country hop an city hop is wat am all bout yo



i just saw this bottle and awsome Gamboo3a over top of it and i was like O M G!~!!!

O M A~~~!!!! Oh my Allah (SWT) i must have it!!

is a must have

i asked for a sample jus to spray on a card over nigh smell it in ma wallet an see if i dig it

and guess wat it been dug befo

so i copped it the next day :)

yes i DID!

here is a lil discription:

Lovestruck is described as a sparkling, addictive floral, young in spirit yet classic. It was inspired by a modern day version of the story of Romeo and Juliet.

"Lovestruck ... the name of my brand new fragrance…All about being overwhelmed, inexplicably, hopelessly in love. Allowing yourself to feel passion inspite of yourself, the situation, the repercussions. A new definition of Romeo and Juliet! Sexy, sensual, and unstoppable!" Vera Wang.

The fragrance is created by Stephen Nilsen from Givaudan in collaboration with Doreen Bollhofer, under the supervision of the cosmetic company Coty. Lovestruck opens with notes of exotic and juicy pink guava and soothing angelica blossom. The middle notes “bloom” with tones of intoxicating and sensual tuberose with aquatic lotus flower. Precious woody notes and sheer musk form a solid perfume base.

The print and video campaign feature Leighton Meester, the star of the TV hit series Gossip Girl, while her "modern day Romeo" is Tommy Dunn, a male top model. Carter Smith photographed the campaign. Lovestruck comes in a bottle decorated with a tulle bow and deep berry flowers.

Available as 30, 50 and 100 ml EDP. Lovestruck was launched in 2011.

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